Cibolo Creek Bible Church

7/12/2020 Eric Harmon

July 18, 2020

We are Cibolo Creek Bible Church. Our Vision is to Glorify God by Strengthening One Another Through Truth and Community. Join us 10:30 am Sunday inside the Schertz, TX YMCA: 621 Westchester Drive, Schertz, TX.

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Sermon: Eric Harmon

Scripture References: Colossians 3:12 Joshua 3:5 Luke 24 Matthew 26 John 17:7 2 Timothy 2:4 Ephesians 4:2-16 Philippians 2:3 Matthew 5; 28

-Ask God to use you in everyday situations to pray for people or talk about Jesus.

-We're not peacekeepers but peacemakers.

-What does it look like to live your life as a sacrifice?